Tuesday, September 1


Discoveries: This will be a regular feature on my blog:

New and exciting finds and Luv This! items.
You might want to check out my one of my latest discovery:
Audrey’s Country Crafts Blog.
Not only does she blog/write an enjoyable blog; she features other Etsy Artists and lends a helping hand to newbie shop owners. Just one of the many wonderfully talented and kind people on Etsy!
Her feature on Jannio is really interesting....
You'll learn about the artist behind the beautifully creative products.
Luv the Jannio Leaves Felted bag!
You’ll find Giggle Rainbow’s Etsy Mini on her sidebar starting September 1st
Thanks Audrey for choosing Giggle Rainbow!
Luv country? Be sure to Check out her Audrey’s County Crafts shop - This is a cute bag!


Audrey said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog!!

esque said...

Audrey is indeed a lovely Etsian! So kind and she does makes handmade items too! :)