Tuesday, June 30

Take some time to refresh and inspire

Take some time to refresh, renew, and inspire. Grab your sneakers, a camera, and a cold drink and hit the local public garden. I like to wander through gardens, Japanese gardens are my favorite. Here are a few shots at the Cranbrook gardens. Makes you want to say ahhhh!

Saturday, June 27

A Sad Day:

Etsy Sellers Morn Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett


Want to know the lyrics to favorite Michael Jackson songs?

Farrah Fawcett

Michael Jackson:

Thursday, June 25

These bags are great I want to order one:

Want to go green need some cool new ways to do it? I found a great new site:

Organic Fabric Finds from Mindfulmomma

Organic Fabric Finds has great information on organic fabrics. What beautiful Fabrics!

My goal is to make a 100% certified organic baby blanket
This shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll just Google “organic fabric” Then check out all the sites goggles displays. I should have an abundant amount of choices.
Well, what a disappointment to see what the search turns up. Is it necessary for organic fabrics to only come in beige? The most promising fabrics I found were designed by designer Harmony Art.
I would like to see some more choices offered in suitable baby/children's prints. Mostly I want to see color! Is it impossible to have beautiful, fun, colorful fabric that is free from all the bad stuff, (fungicides, insecticides, toxic chemicals, etc)? Do I really just need to get over my love for color? I was spoiled; when I lived ignorance, those were the days when the available choices in color were endless. I need to continue to think eco/green/organic, but without color can I be a happy camper?